Integrate HP ALM Test Execution with Bamboo and JIRA

Atlassian Bamboo is continuous integration (CI) tool. We can execute HP ALM testset's using Atlassian Bamboo. It is very simple and straight forward to configure Bamboo to run the tests from HP ALM.

To run the HP ALM tests we need to install ALM task for Bamboo plugin in Bamboo server. ALM Task for Bamboo is plugin for Atlassian Bamboo CI plugin to integrate HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) testsets execution from Bamboo. It runs HP ALM testsets, parses result in Bamboo and links tests with JIRA issues.The plugin can be downloaded from Atlassian and can be uploaded to Bamboo by Bamboo administrator.

Bamboo runs the tests and builds on separate machines called as Agents. We need few Agents to run the tests as per the tests volume. The same agents used by HP ALM should be reused for ALM test set execution. Install Bamboo remote agents on the ALM remote machines where HP tools are installed.

What it does:

  • Trigger hp ALM Test Set
  • Parse TestSet results
  • Create test results in bamboo
  • Create test result summary
  • Attach results summary artefact
  • Send result summary email from ALM
  • Auto detect JIRA issues from ALM test names
  • Create JIRA bug for failed tests
  • Create test result links to JIRA issues
  • Add run comments to JIRA issues
  • Add test duration to custom fields of JIRA Issue
  • Add labels passed / failed with any prefix to JIRA issues
  • Fail build if tests are failed or pass build even if tests are failed

Follow the wiki below for the step by step guide

How to Install ALM for Bamboo plugin

How to create Bamboo Build Plan to run tests from HP ALM

How to setup Remote Agent with HP Client Registration


This plugin for starting tier of Bamboo CI Server costs $10 for first year and half ($5) for subsequent years for renewal. This plugin saves huge framework creation and maintenance cost as most of the features are available with plugins.

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