Run UFT Frameworks from Bamboo and Integrate test results with JIRA issues

UFT Task for Bamboo

Atlassian Bamboo is continuous integration (CI) tool. We can execute HP UFT test's using Atlassian Bamboo. It is very simple and straight forward to configure Bamboo to run the HP UFT tests. UFT Task for is plugin for Atlassian Bamboo CI plugin to integrate HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) execution from Bamboo. It runs HP UFT tests, parses result in Bamboo and links tests with JIRA issues.

What it does:

  • Trigger hp UFT Tests / Test Frameworks
  • Parse UFT Test results
  • Create test results in bamboo
  • Create test result summary in bamboo
  • Attach results summary artifacts
  • Create JIRA bug for failed tests
  • Create test result links to JIRA issues
  • Add run comments to JIRA issues
  • Add test execution duration to JIRA Issue in custom field
  • Add labels passed / failed to JIRA issues

To include HP UFT in continuous integration setup you need to :

1. Store your UFT Frameworks or tests in source code repository such as SVN, Stash, Bitbucket or GitHub etc.

2. Create Bamboo plan to checkout the tests and execute them

How to Install UFT for Bamboo plugin

Create Build Plan with Unified Functional Testing

How to execute UFT tests on specific machines (Agents)?

How to attach UFT test result artefacts to Bamboo test run Skip to end of metadata

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