Integrate SoapUI Open Source and ReadyAPI (SoapUI PRO, LoadUI PRO, Secure PRO) with Bamboo CI server and JIRA

SoapUI and ReadyAPI integration with JIRA

SoapUI for Bamboo plugin provides SoapUI Open Source and Ready API (SoapUI Pro, LoadUI Pro and Secure Pro) tasks to Bamboo plan.The plugin lets you add SoapUI Open Source, SoapUI Pro, LoadUI Pro and Secure Pro as executable capability to Bamboo agent. Once capabilities are created on specific agents, the tasks can be added in build plan and lets user select the required executables.The tasks executes respective projects and parse generated results and adds tab for the tools in build result summary.

Following operations are available to link results with JIRA:

Create JIRA bug for failed tests

Create test result links to JIRA issues

Add run comments to JIRA issues

Add test duration to custom fields of JIRA Issue

Add labels (passed / failed) to JIRA issues

Marks build fail or pass based on settings if tests are failed or zero tests found

This plugin gets rid of necessity of creating framework for linking to JIRA and saves significant setup and costs by providing easiest user interface.


How to install soapUI for Bamboo plugin

Create Execution Capability

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How to add LoadUI PRO capability to Bamboo?

How to add Secure PRO capability to Bamboo?

Create Build Plan

How to create SoapUI build plan in Bamboo?

How to create LoadUI build plan in Bamboo?

How to create Secure build plan in Bamboo?

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