Integrate Cucumber framework with Bamboo and JIRA

Cucumber and Bamboo Integration

Cucumber can be integrated with Atlassian JIRA and Bamboo easily with using Cucumber For Bamboo Plugin. The Cucumber generates test results in JSON, XML and text formats. The plugin converts the results in a format Bamboo and add Cucumber scenarios in Bamboo Tests tabs. The tests are then linked with JIRA issues. JIRA ids can be be added to the Cucumber scenarios as tags. The tags are used to identify JIRA ids for the scenarios. All the test for Cucumber scenarios are linked to the relates JIRA issues. It becomes very handy to see test results executed at different times when navigating between the JIRA issues.

The plugin also displays cucumber results in Bamboo results tab. The Cucumber tab contains Cucumber Feature and related JIRA issus along with the beautifull pie chart showing passed, failed and skipped tests.

The Cucumber plugin provides tasks for Build as well as Deployments. This allows to run Cucumber tests after deployments and decide fate the deployments based on test results. The deployment can be configured to fail if any test, number of tests or tests with specific tags are failed.

This plugin adds task to Bamboo tasks list. Cucumber parser integrates Cucumber test results with Bamboo and JIRA. Each scenario becomes test in Bamboo. It update Cucumber test execution information and direct Bamboo test results links to JIRA issues to provides quick information to JIRA users.

  • Parses Cucumber test results in Bamboo
  • Creates JIRA bug for failed tests automatically
  • Creates test result links to JIRA issues automatically
  • Adds run comments to JIRA issues automatically
  • Adds test duration to custom fields of JIRA Issue automatically
  • Adds labels (passed / failed) to JIRA issues automatically
  • Gets rid of necessity of creating framework to integrate tests with JIRA and saves significant costs to create and maintain frameworks
  • Marks build fail or pass based on settings if tests are failed
  • Extracts JIRA ids from tags of scenarios.

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