AutoTestingTools is Australia based startup and has operations worldwide.

We are the Australian startup specialising in continuous development, testing and delivery. We have developed solutions for major test automation tools in industry to integrate with Atlasssian toolsets such as JIRA, Bamboo, Stash, Confluence and Hipchat.

We provide consultation in Atlasssian tools setup and configuration. We have a team of brilliant consultants to support the customers to cater there need to implement the advanced Dev Ops and continuous delivery setup. Our solutions are popular as they solve the real issues in the testing industry and are available at the cheapest cost with free support.

Our aim is to provide better solutions and best professional in Dev Ops and testing domain.

We can help you with:

- Proof of Concepts of integrating any testing tools with CI Setup.

- Reducing Dev Ops cost and effective deployment implementation.

- For best professionals in Test Automation, Performance testing and Dev Ops in our countries of operations.

- Any issues you face with Continuous Integration (CI) setup.

Registered Office:

AutoTestingTools Software ans Services Pty Ltd

ABN: 9661 2521 301 ACN:612 521 301

49 , Level 2, B Tower

9-15 Balmoral Street, Waitara

Sydney New South Wales , 2077


Technical Support Contact:

Direct Number: +61435466477


If you are specialist in any of below, send your CV.

      • Atlassian tools implementation Experience

      • Dev Ops implementation Experience

      • Continuous Integration Setup Experience

      • Testing frameworks implementation Experience

      • Automation capability uplift Experience

      • Test automation integration with Dev Ops Experience

      • Developed in Test Automation Experience

      • Expertise in Test Automation

      • Expertise in Performance Testing

Countries of Operation:

      • Austria

      • Australia

      • Brazil

      • Canada

      • The Delaware Republican

      • Denmark

      • Spain

      • United Kingdom

      • Hungary

      • India

      • Lithuania

      • Netherlands

      • Norway

      • Nepal

      • New Zealand

      • Poland

      • Portugal

      • Russia

      • Sweden

      • Turkey

      • Ukraine

      • United States of America

      • Vietnam

      • South Africa