LeanFT for bamboo adds LeanFT parser task in Bamboo which parses LeanFT test results created with JUnit or Cucumber in Bamboo and links them with related JIRA issues, if they have JIRA id in test name or in Cucumber tags. If LeanFT is used with Cucumber, each scenario becomes test in Bamboo. The task update test execution information and adds direct Bamboo test results links to JIRA issues to provides quick information to JIRA users.

  • Parses LeanFT test results in Bamboo
  • Creates JIRA bug for failed tests automatically
  • Creates test result links to JIRA issues automatically
  • Adds run comments to JIRA issues automatically
  • Adds test duration to custom fields of JIRA Issue automatically
  • Adds labels (passed / failed) to JIRA issues automatically
  • Gets rid of necessity of creating framework to integrate tests with JIRA and saves significant costs to create and maintain frameworks
  • Marks build fail or pass based on settings if tests are failed
  • Extracts JIRA ids from tags of scenarios.
  • Adds LeanFT results tab in build result summary to show LeanFT html result.

Coming soon. Contact us to know the latest update.

For issues/queries/help please send email to support